Our Leadership

Kent Weiand

Kent Weiand joined Vestcom in 2007. For more than 20 years he has developed award-winning software solutions with a litany of famous-name software companies, including founding a multimillion-dollar-per-year software powerhouse, later acquired by Stewart Information Services.

Mr. Weiand has held key roles at Vestcom as a senior software engineer and architect in the latest generation enterprise-wide production platform.

Mr. Weiand was instrumental in the creation and leadership of Vestcom’s Process Quality Assurance Team. His most recent focus on enhanced client experience and quality has put him squarely at the leadership helm of Vestcom’s consolidated Client Services Group.

As an honored advisor on UALR’s Computer Science Advisory Council at UALR, Mr. Weiand’s software education contributions are well known. He attended Arkansas College (now Lyons College).