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Landon Phillips

Phillips,Landon Landon Phillips joined Vestcom in 2016 in conjunction with the company’s purchase of EJ Caimen, a specialty provider of shelf edge solutions. At Vestcom, Mr. Phillips is responsible for continuing execution excellence at EJ Caimen and finding areas of best practice integration across the organizations.

Mr. Phillips brings over 15 years of retail industry experience, working in the areas of international distribution, retail brokerage, and in-store merchandising. At EJ Caimen, Mr. Phillips has served as Director of Client Services and VP of Consulting and Client services. Prior to EJ Caimen, he served as VP of Process and Systems for Convergence Marketing and was the co-owner of Rocket Retail Merchandising, a premium third-party merchandising firm. Additionally, Mr. Phillips has worked as a founder of two other startups in the areas of international distribution and mobile software for higher education.

Mr. Phillips has a degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA from Georgetown University.