Our Leadership

Robert Wallis

Bob Wallis joined Vestcom in 2009 as a seasoned technology leader with more than 29 years of IT experience. During his lengthy professional career, Mr. Wallis has led solution innovation teams as well as product development and delivery teams. His experience spans multiple industries, including petroleum exploration, cartography, satellite communications, defense systems, and consumer marketing, with significant concentration on the information products business.

Mr. Wallis’s leadership has helped Vestcom spearhead highly strategic sales and product innovations. Through his unique insights into content and data marketing, as well as his instrumental leadership in the highly successful launch of healthyAisles® Mr. Wallis has contributed significantly to Vestcom’s success and growth.

As Vestcom’s Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Mr. Wallis is responsible for development and delivery of all Vestcom solutions. His teams design and implement platforms that meet ever-changing retail marketing challenges while delivering the high quality services our clients expect.

Mr. Wallis holds a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Arkansas.