Retail store teams are more essential than ever to shopper loyalty

 August 25, 2021

Vestcom, the industry leader in shelf-edge media solutions for Retailers and CPGs, has published timely insights in their latest perspective piece: Life After Lockdown: Why store teams are more essential than ever to shopper loyalty.

Despite the rise in e-comm and new fulfillment methods over the past year, brick and mortar remains the dominant channel for grocery. Retailers that can leverage the physical store to offer a differentiated shopping experience are far more likely to succeed in this next era. Vestcom heralds the in-store environment as an opportunity to connect more deeply with customers, specifically through meaningful engagement with store associates.

Store teams are your great asset in driving shopper loyalty
Delivering a unique in-store experience is critical as retailers continue to contend with evolving consumer behaviors and technology trends. Empowering store associates to be more engaged with customers is key in driving shopper loyalty, offering a human touch that can’t easily be replicated through alternative channels.

Employ tech-based solutions to empower your teams
Equipped with the right tools, store teams can operate more efficiently, allowing more time to respond to shopper needs, offer personalized recommendations, spread awareness of new items, and educate shoppers on how best to use new technologies from digital coupons to app-based services.

“There needs to be a shift in thinking, away from store associates being one of your biggest costs, to being an important strategic investment for your organization,” says John Lawlor, Chairman & CEO of Vestcom. “By giving them access to information and freeing up their time to be more accessible to your shoppers, their interactions can build long-lasting customer loyalty.”

To learn more about the influence and evolving role of store teams in delivering a differentiated shopper experience, read the full text of Vestcom’s perspective.

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