Vestcom Insights: Meeting Grocery Shoppers’ Needs based on the Lasting Impacts of COVID-19

 July 9, 2020

Vestcom, the leading technology enabled service provider of shelf-edge media solutions for Retailers and CPGs, has published insights on how to meet evolving shopper needs based on the lasting impacts of COVID-19 in the grocery sector.

In a rapidly changing retail environment, where brick and mortar remains the dominant channel for grocery sales and store visits return to pre-COVID levels, Vestcom points to two strategies to better engage shoppers at the shelf-edge, the point of decision:

Be nimble: optimize assortment and space allocation quickly
Having the right product set, in the right store is more important than ever to stay relevant, and must also be evaluated more frequently.

Double down on the shopping experience by creating clarity at shelf
Shoppers are more willing than ever to switch stores or brands if they don’t find what they need easily in one place. Retailers and Brands can leverage the shelf-edge to make the shopping trip a better experience by reducing out of stocks, improving communications and promoting value at shelf.

Retailers and Brands that pivot to serve shoppers’ evolving needs will gain a competitive advantage and ultimately come out ahead.

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